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Episode 14: Code & Etiquette in the German Society

Know when to be formal!

This week we discuss the all important code and etiquettes when dealing with the Germans in your daily life. Particularly in a professional and/or working environment you have to understand and respect these codes. Privately the Germans are more forgiving. But don't get discouraged! We will help you out right here!

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Episode 13: Patriotism in Germany

No allegiance to the flag around here!

This week we discuss patriotism in Germany. The Germans are very reluctant to show patriotism, and they rarely express their feelings about their country. Why is that? Why don't you see flagpoles in German gardens? As usual the conversation goes somewhat off topic, but do come along anyway! It's informative for any visitor!

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Episode 12: Cultural Biases within Germany

Even though many outsiders see Germany as one country, there are many regional differences, and there are so many cultures that it can be hard to navigate. Of course Germany is also heavily influenced by globalisation, and there are many foreigners living in Germany, giving the country a very international vibe. We help you navigate through it all, and we share some personal experiences. 

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Episode 7: German Politics

This week we give you some insights to the way German politics works. It is not always easy to see through the murk of what is going on. We also talk about integrity, which is one of the most important things for any German politician. And we talk about the German debate-culture and finally we briefly touch base on how Germany was seen in the years after WWII, compared to how the modern day German relates to that era.

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Episode 1: Getting to know the Germans

In this episode we talk about getting to know the Germans once you first get here. We always recommend getting to know the locals wherever you go, but that can be somewhat hard in Germany. There is a language barrier, but there is also a different culture, code and tradition that foreigners need to understand in order to fully benefit from a new friendship.

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