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Episode 11: German Music Festivals

These events are unique opportunities to see the Germans step outside of their normal comfort zone, and be someone they would never be in the daily office life. Also, we describe how the Germans are masters at "organising the chaos" that usually come during a large festival, running over several days... The logistics are impeccable! The summer is the season for this phenomenon, so jump onboard and listen to some advice before you arrive!

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Episode 8: The German Music Culture

This week we talk about the music culture in Germany. Music is what brings people together, and it is very often a good indicator for society. And Germany has a rich music culture, so it is a good idea to explore German music before getting here!

Also, within German music you will notice the heavy influence from the 1980's and 1990's - two decades that still, to this day, play an important role in German culture as a whole.

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